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Laughing Stock Farms January 2015:


Kidding Season and New to the Farm... 

Mini-LaMancha & Nigerian kids!



  • Anna, our three year old, senior doe, 75% LaMancha 25% Toggenburg, will be starting off kidding season 2015 with kids expected mid-January. Bred to AGDA registered, purebred Saanen, Poseidon. I'm super excited about the kids. Beautiful Sa-Manchas expected a little later this month. LaMancha/Saanen cross babies will be amazing! Anna is a huge milker and has simply striking correct confirmation!
  • Again anticipating (purebred Saanen) Lizel's delivery, except this year her daughters are also expecting! Junior does, Eden and Uma are both bred to AGDA registered, pure bred Saanen, Poseidon. Eden is due mid-March and Uma due in mid-April. Herd queen and mama, Lizel is due mid-March also.
  • Broken Shovels Farm Andromeda, aka. Drama, purebred Saanen, AGDA registered, ten month old junior doe, is also due to kid in mid-March. Bred to Poseidon. Kids will be purebred Saanen, AGDA registered!
  • Raquel, 50% LaMancha 50% Toggenburg, one of our other senior does is also expected to kid mid to late April. Raquel is bred to AGDA registered Nigerian Dwarf buck, Cinder.. SO excited for Mini-Manchas with this buck.
  • Duchess and daughter Iris will be finishing off the kidding season in late May. Duchess, 50% Nigerian 50% Toggenberg, bred to pure bred and papered Nigerian Dwarf buck Cinder. Her milk is out of this world, more production than a pure bred Nigerian and all the butterfat! Duchess is on her third year of lactation and still pumping out beautiful delicious milk. She'll be dried off soon to rest for upcoming babies. 
  • Iris 75% Nigerian Dwarf 25% Toggenburg is bred to Cinder as well. Iris has the most beautiful icy blue eyes, tons of color and sweetest personality! Can't wait to see how she does in the milk department. Possibly having kids with blue eyes too!


Newly acquired, as of December, Duchess and Iris are the third set of mom and daughters here at Laughing Stock Farms. We'll have three generations going on. I love that they are all together.. Grandmothers, mothers and daughters!

Cant wait to see what we get from all the beautiful ladies here. Excellent confirmation, milk production, genetics and health. All kids planned on being dam raised (with the exception of complications) and well cared for. Some papered and some not but all will be loved!


Highlights from 2014: 


  • FEED: We focus on the best feed and health for our dairy goats. Organic and non-GMO feed is at the top of our list. We hand mix our grain rations with no soy, the main contributor with regards to GMO crops. We don't use it in our feed. We don't buy processed food for our heard, only organic, Non-GMO and many of the ingredients are human grade. Our herd of dairy goats are raised without the use of antibiotics or hormones. They are cared for holistically and naturally, using herbal supplements. We believe that this is the best way to care for all our animals, and it shows.
  • RAW MILK SHARES: We are now members of RMAC (Raw Milk Association of Colorado). We feel that this is a great resource for consumers and producers.  We are offering limited shares through the winter.


May, a special kidding season:


I've anticipated Lizel's delivery since we bred her in December 2013. I'm always excited for the arrival of babies but Lizel's were extra special. We bred her to Lion's Gate FP Malachi from Andrea at Broken Shovels Farm. Lizel had two beautiful doelings May 17th! Eden and Uma are everything that I could want. Healthy, darling, lovable and dam raised. These two little thief's steal hearts left and right!!


We also brought home three new ladies from Andrea's. A darling purebred and registered nine week old Saanen, Andromeda. Drama for short, she's a real cutie! We also brought home a mother, daughter duo! Raquel (mama) and Anna. Both are LaMancha cross does and doing a great job in the milking department. I gotta stay away from Andrea's.. I always come home with a new goat when I'm there!


  Lastly, we just had our vet out for the heard. She said that all looked excellent! All are healthy, free of any health issues, perfect weight and looking good for soon to be moms. We got their blood drawn for the yearly CAE testing, March 2014, all came back negative on CAE and Johnes.   


December 2013, the beginning of breeding Saanens:

We welcomed two AGDA Registered Saanen brothers to the herd in December. Born in October 2013, these little guys are such a joy to have. They are super sweet and add real character to the farm. Perseus and Poseidon came from Andrea at Broken Shovels Farm and we couldn't be happier!   


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